We Stole Batman’s Tumbler!

Sweet Jesus I hope Bruce Wayne doesn’t have a Lo-Jack system on this thing or we are completely BONED!  He had to pull his Honda Civic in the garage so it wouldn’t get stolen and that meant that the Tumbler had to sit on the curb.  So naturally we decided to take it.  Please don’t hurt us Bruce…we’d never take your Civic!!!

That does present quite a question though.  Would Bruce Wayne keep a Honda Civic in his collection in real life?  We certainly hope so!

What we have here is the Batmobile aka The Tumbler.  This is a replica built by a man named Bob Dullam.  Using very basic tools and a welder he built this amazing replica over the course of 5 years in his 2 car garage.  This is probably one of the coolest things I think I have ever seen in person.  The kid inside me was jumping for joy while the adult inside me was jumping for joy right next to the kid (lol).

This entire shoot would not have been possible without John from Planet Zero.  So if anyone decides to come up to Import Reactor to see this thing please thank him for bringing it.  WHO GETS TO SHOOT THIS STUFF!!!??? AutoModia does!

-AM Gabe


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