Anime Matsuri and Import Reactor 2012 Recap!

Anime Matsuri and Import Reactor 2012 is over now and I don’t think we have had a better (or busier) time at a show in a long time.  BunBun, Erik, Chase, and myself set out to conquer all that was offered and I think we did a damn good job.  I never thought we could be so busy and so tired and still manage to enjoy every second (lol).

We had many opportunities to cover so many events that were out of our normal automotive realm.  It was fun covering all the people dressed up in cosplay, the J-Fashion show, the Cosplay Contest, Import Reactor, and getting in an interview with the beautiful Miki Taka.

Our experience with Anime Matsuri and Import Reactor began on the Wednesday before the convention with us shooting the video for The Tumbler and did not end until Saturday evening after our interview with Miki Taka.  It was a whirlwind of events and a madness of people who I will gladly do over and over again each year.

We all got to step outside our “automotive” comfort zone this year.  We covered the Cosplay Contest which was really pretty cool.  People dressed up as characters from their favorite Animes and Cartoons and performed on stage in front of a VERY packed audience.  It was quite a spectacle to see how creative some people can get.

We also covered the J-Fashion show where models were dressed up in Japanese Lolita outfits and ran a very well choreographed sequence down the catwalk.  The amount of people who were waiting outside the doors was truly astonishing as I never thought there would be that much support in Houston…but I am a car geek so that means very little (lol).  These girls did a fantastic job of showing off the style and making sure everyone had a great time.

Topping all of this off was what we originally came for in the beginning, Import Reactor.  Cars are a big part of Japanese Pop-Culture and this car show felt right at home with the anime convention.  There were beautiful cars, beautiful girls, and everyone had a great time.

I can’t say enough about how much fun we had at this years convention.  One name that sticks out in my head though is the last name Leigh.  John and Deniece Leigh put on a great show.  I can’t thank them enough for all of the great opportunities we got and all the very awesome people we got to meet.  If you see John or Deniece at Planet Zero please give them a big hug and tell them thanks.  We need more events just like this around Houston.


The hair...its kinda famous!

AM Gabe


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