WHM Cruise In 4.28.2012!

Sometimes I forget that there are other entirely different parts of our great community.  I love all cars even though all cars don’t love me back.  Sometimes I get caught up in the import car world, which is perfectly fine.  Sometimes, however, you just need a little muscle in your life.

The WHM ( http://www.westhoustonmuscle.com ) Cruise In at 59 Diner off of I-10 and Fry Rd. was just what the doctor ordered.  Sean has done a fantastic job of bringing out many different kinds of muscle cars, classics, hot rods, and even a few exotics to this great meet.  The cars there covered many different genres from the old Datsun all the way up to the Gulf Livery Ford GT.

The slower pace these meets move at is such a nice change too.  I didn’t see anyone doing any burnouts and I certainly didn’t have to ask anyone to stop revving their engines for no reason.  If there was an engine revved it was either because of the big cam or the fact that motor just wouldn’t stay on without a few RPM added with the go pedal.  Got to love old carbureted cars!

I had a great time here and am looking forward to much more interaction with WHM and these great folks.  Thanks to Sean for having me out!

AM Gabe


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