All Team Bash or Pie?

Why not have both?  That is exactly what Kimo and Maria and staff did with this years first All Team Bash.  A pie eating contest.  Messy faces and many laughs were had as these folks chowed down on some good ole pudding pie!

When we set out this morning for the meet we knew 2 things would happen.  One, we would have fun and, Two, we would have fun.  Fun was certainly had at this fantastic showing at All Team Bash.

The entire day was nothing but a little heat, a lot of laughs, and good people.  Oh, there were cars there too…let’s not forget about the cars.  Teams and car clubs from all over converged on poor old Bear Creek Park and just like usual, completely took over everything.  Some of the teams get pretty competitive with each other in events like the Pie Eating Contest and the Potato Sack Races.  It’s all in good fun though…maybe…as long as our team wins (lol).

Huge thanks goes out to Kimo, Maria, and the All Team Bash staff for putting on another ridiculously awesome event.  I can’t wait for Fall Team Bash.  Now, on to some pictures!

AM Gabe


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