Accord-ing to Rodney!

1976 marked the year that Honda first made the Accord.  It was a small hatchback that rang in just a tiny bit bigger than the Honda Civic.  The car came with features (and I use this term loosely per today’s standards) like cloth seats and an AM/FM radio (lol).  If it had an iPod dock I can only imagine that it would have taken up the entire hatch and backseat.  You would have to have something to play at least music and videos.  Back then that was no small feat…I digress.  Something tells me that the folks over at Honda did not quite see what tuner’s would do with their nice little family cars in the future.  Rodney’s 1995 Honda Accord is a striking and clean version of what the designers at Honda could not fore see.

What you see is a beautiful Accord, draped in a custom Nutwood Pearl Mica color from a 1976 Pontiac GTO, and adorned with damn near the entire Mugen catalog.  I’m talking about the parts not the little magazine with pretty pictures (lol).  The exterior has the Mugen half front bumper, sideskirts, half rear bumper, and grill.  Lighting the road are the JDM SiR Stanley headlights, foglights, and turn signals.

Open the door and you will see a Mugen steering wheel, shift knob, and shift boot.  Let’s not forget to mention the custom fiberglassed, shaved, and painted center console or the NRG hub and quick release.

Underneath all the pretty paint lies a set of Function/Form V1 coilovers, Suspension Techniques rear sway bar, and Cusco upper front/rear bars.  All of this is ground to a halt via a set of Brembo slotted and cross drilled rotors with EBC Green Stuff brake pads.  Grip is provided by a set of 17x8f/17x9r CCW Classics (race version) and Falken Tires.

Don’t get it twisted with all of the pretty stuff on the outside though.  This Accord his a little dance to it as well.  The old motor was replaced with the JDM H22A and M2B4 transmission.  If you can see past all the beautiful chrome, polished, shaved, and painted parts you will notice a Golden Eagle intake manifold and STR throttle body.  These are accompanied by Mugen headers and a Mugen cat-back exhaust.  An AEM fuel rail helps keep the engine happy along with a host of other goodies and shiny bits.

Rodney himself is no stranger to the automobile.  His Dad was into cars while he was growing up which naturally got him into cars.  He grew up around street racing in the mid 1990’s where he learned quite a bit about what he loves.  The Accord pictured here is his 31st car.  That’s right thirty-one, three one, 31.  All accept his 2003 Explorer Sport were at the very least lowered in some form or fashion.  I wouldn’t lower an Explorer Sport either (lol).

Rodney tells me that “the car found him.”  He was in the process of selling his GS400 and while walking around Wally-World one night at 2am the previous texted him and asked to trade vehicles.  While he is usually against the idea of not building something himself he told me that the car was built to his every expectation.  It was built exactly how he would build it.

When Rodney isn’t gawking at his car, or lining up car number 33 and 49, you can usually find him working as the Assistant Manager at O’Reilly Auto Parts.  His dream car is a RHD SI-R EG6 which I am sure he will find one day…maybe on car number 63?    The only thing he would have done different with the Accord is to keep its AC system because Texas is TOOOOOO HAWWWT!!!  Huge thanks to Rodney for coming out and hanging out with us so early that morning.  We had a blast shooting this beautiful Accord.

-AM Gabe


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