When This Baby Hits 88mph, You’re Gonna See Some Serious Sh%@!

I honestly can’t remember a time where I have been more geeked out than I was at the unveiling of the Electric DeLorean.  On the way to the meet a few DeLoreans pulled out in front of me at a light.  One of those DeLoreans was dressed in full Back to the Future gear.  I almost hit the curb.  Almost immediately I lost all brain function and began to drool.  I followed these guys around the area for a while.  And even though I knew how to get to the DeLorean building I got lost with them because I was unable to see past the awesomeness in front of me.

Now that I have established the fact that I am a big nerd we can get down to business.  This unveiling was just the beginning of a weekend long get together for DeLorean owners from all walks of life.  Along with the Electric DeLorean there were numerous other DeLoreans hanging around in the parking lot.  They had great food, great drinks, and all around great people out there.  The only thing that was missing was McFly and Doc Brown.

I want to thank James for having me out at this awesome event.  I hope to see more of these cars in the future (pun kind of intended…lol) and I can’t wait to see more on the development of the Electric DeLorean.

This event took place in October of 2011.  These pictures were lost for a long time as my laptop tried to eat itself alive and took a bunch of my work with it.  My apologies for extreme tardiness…better late than never right?  🙂

-AM Gabe


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