Street Nights June 2012 by Houston-Streets!

Right now things are changing in our great city.  We have been through these changes before.  One or two of our local meets will come to an end and we will need someone to pick up that ball and fill the void.  Alex from Houston-Streets was one of the first ones to enter the game with his Street Nights Meet this past weekend.  And what a great start with over 250 cars in attendance.

The atmosphere was very familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.  We were at a new and strange venue but we had good company.  Enthusiasts from all over the city made their way out to Cypress for this awesome meet.  Familiar faces, familiar cars, new people, and a new location.  All in all it was a great time for everyone.  Except for the Mustang that came in and decided to rev his motor like anyone cared at all.

Why is it always the guy in the Mustang?  WHY!?

This is NOT the Mustang in Question lol!

Huge thanks goes to Alex and his crew from Houston-Streets.  We are looking forward to next months meet.

-AM Gabe


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