F1 Expo, Awesome, errr…Austin.

July 17, 2007 marked the end of the last Formula One race ever held on the shores of America.  Indianapolis played host to a fantastic race where Lewis Hamilton sat on the pole and would ultimately bring home the big “W” for his team at McLaren.  Any race is a great race at The Brickyard.

This last race left a giant hole in American Motorsports.  One that would not be filled until it was finally announced that F1 would be returning to America in 2012.  Fans all over the states rejoiced at the news that we would get to see some of the fastest racing grace our shores once again.  Then it was announced that Austin, TX would be the host for the race.  I said to myself “Self…there isn’t a track in Austin.  I know this because I live 150 miles away.”  This thought was followed shortly by the next announcement that Austin would be getting a brand new F1 track and construction would soon be underway.  I immediately imagined myself driving around this awesome track…in my xB…but I digress (lol).  World record for the slowest lap…ever!

After some back and forth on whether or not people could agree to terms for the race and the track itself it was finally set in stone.  November 18th, 2012 will see the return of the United States Grand Prix.  In Austin, TX, roughly 150 miles from my backyard.  You can keep up with everything USGP by visiting http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com for all the latest on the track and the race.

We pray that we will be able to bring you coverage of this awesome event in some form or fashion.  So if anyone out there from F1, Circuit of the Americas, etc is reading this….PLEASE help a small automotive website get to the race in November!!!  Either way, we can’t wait for this to go down!  Now…who is going to bring home the win for the inaugural USGP at COTA?

Bunbun rockin the simulator!

The AM Crew trolling the Fox News crew!
Bunbun doing what he does best! 🙂

-AM Gabe


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