The Japanese Nostalgic Gathering 2012!

If there is one thing you can really rely on Houston for…it’s rain.  We don’t have a “season” for it and that can pose a problem.  The entire day can pass with nary a whisper of a cloud, but, come 4 o’clock Houston can be inundated with torrential downpours.

This is exactly what happened a few hours before the Japanese Nostalgic Gathering happened at 59 Diner.  A gathering of classic JDM enthusiasts all gathered together with the great folks over at West Houston Muscle ( ).  About an hour before the event was supposed to begin the clouds parted and that hot Texas sun began to quickly dry the ground.  The show was on!

There were enthusiasts from all walks of life that covered every age group.  It was a great mash-up of people celebrating the one thing we all have in common…cars.

So all wrapped up in one great location was a mix of USDM and JDM.  An awesome site to see.

-AM Gabe

-photos by BunBun


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