You Ain’t Gotta Lie To Kick It!

Back in the day we used to cut our faces out of our pictures and paste them over the bodies of famous athletes, celebrities, and models.  Pasting your head on Michael Jordan’s body so you can see what you “look like” flying through the air was just a normal activity.  Now we can accomplish all this with the help of a little program called Photoshop.  We can mesh pictures together and make them look believable with a little skill and know how.  Sometimes it’s easy to tell if something is “shopped” and sometimes it’s pretty difficult.

Take into consideration a picture that recently popped up on good ole Facebook from Evasive Motorsports.


Some say that this photo was taken from a Speedhunters feature on their beautiful Scion FR-S and was photoshopped to look like they were wind tunnel testing.  The caption from their page even says “Aero.  Dynamic.” which may lead one to believe that they are actually in the wind tunnel getting their testing done properly.

So I leave this up to you guys to make a determination.  Is this photoshopped or is this real?  I have my own thoughts but would like to see what you guys think.

– AM Gabe


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