That Camo GT-R!!


Welcome to Texas everyone.  A place where we like our beer cold, our women beautiful and feisty, and our trucks wrapped in good ole fashioned camouflage…err…our GT-R’s.  Who wants to go huntin?  This particular Nissan is owned by Jeremy Rohrs of SouthSide Performance (SSP) and it carries with it quite a history for only being a few years old.



This beautiful 2010 Nissan GT-R will certainly turn some heads at a place where “hard parking” is the word of the day, but, that’s not built for that.  It’s built for getting beat on by Jeremy at places like Motorsport Ranch, Texas World Speedway, the Global Time Attack series…anywhere with a road course and a place to change some tires.  This car is set up from the factory with an All-Wheel Drive system that will knock your socks off.  Sometimes, though, Jeremy likes to disable the front drive wheels and play around in just rear wheel drive.  Got a problem with that?  I don’t (lol).



When all the bolt-ons and the computer systems are at harmony with each other this GT-R usually makes in the ballpark of 542 horsepower and 550 lb.ft. of torque.  Seems like enough to have fun with in rear wheel drive and it may leave a tear or two on your face in an all-wheel drive configuration.  Either way though I know that Jeremy pushes this beauty on a regular basis.  Once we agreed to meet up at the old Humble Gas Station he plugged in the address to his Navigation and it gave him a time of about an hour, give or take a few minutes.  He made it to the spot in 27 minutes.  Challenge accepted and challenge murdered.



Too often we forget that these cars we love are machines.  Machines that long for abuse, wear, and tear.  Please remember that every once in a while you need to get out there and beat on your machine.  Whether you are a drift nut, auto-x’er, drag racer, road course fiend, midnight cruiser, etc…just get out there and drive that car!




Can you even see the pictures of the GT-R or do you just see the old Humble Gas Station?  Ok, obligatory camouflage joke out-of-the-way now.  Huge thanks to Jeremy from SSP for hanging out with me for a few hours and also showing me how to properly plasti-dip an Acura NSX that has graced the cover of Modified Mag.  “I feel like I am vandalizing this beautiful car,” Jeremy Rohrs.





Performance Mods:

SSP Titan Series Catless Down Pipes
SSP Titan Series 4″ Catless Y-Pipe
SSP Titan Series 4″ Catback Race Exhaust
SSP V2 Front Mount Intercooler
Kozmic Motorsports 3″ Intakes w/ducting
Kozmic Motorsports 2.75″ Intercooler piping
SSP Teflon Throttle Body Spacers
SSP Lower Teflon Intake Plenum Spacers
SSP Top Teflon Intake Plenum Spacers
FIC 1000 cc fuel injectors
Cobb Access Port w/transmission Features
Go Fast Bits GT-R Bov Kit
Kozmic Motorsports Pro Tune
498 rwhp/505 rwtq – Mustang Dyno

Transmission Mods:

SSP Front Mount Transmission Cooler
SSP Deep Transmission Pan
SSP Pro Gold Transmission Fluid
SSP Upgraded Transmission Pan Filter
SSP Secondary Lifetime Transmission Filter
SSP Forward Drive Gear Lock
SSP Rear Drive Gear Lock
SSP Rear Main Shaft Gear Lock
SSP 800 HP Clutch Package
SSP Upgraded Transmission Pan Magnets
SSP Lifetime Clutch A Seal
SSP Upgraded Viton Clutch B Seal
SSP upgraded Viton Main Shaft Seals
Jack’s Transmissions Lazer Welded Clutch Baskets

Visual Mods:

SSP Custom 4 Color Plastidip Paint Job
Power House Amuse Front lip
APR-GTC 500 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
Bride “Low Max” Drivers Seat
Bride Drivers seat rail
Recaro Pro FI Passenger Seat
Recaro seal rails
Takata 5 Point Harnesses
Stillen front Canards
Samco radiator hose kit
Beatrush Front tow hook
Rexpeed Carbon Radio Overlay
Rexpeed Carbon Mirror Covers
Nissan Dry Carbon DC Overlay
Impressive Motorsports Custom 4 Point Roll Cage
SSP GT-R Exhaust guards
Difflow Custom SSP Spec Rear Diffuser
3M Matt Black Roof and trunk wrap
Color Matched Engine Surround plastics
Password JDM Locking Oil Cap
Nissan Carbon Fiber Floor Mats
35% Tint

Brakes and Suspension:

Deka/Nitron – 3+ Way Race suspension w/external Res.
Whiteline – Front sway bar
Whiteline – Rear sway bar
Whiteline – Adjustable Front End links
Whiteline – Adjustable Rear End links
Whiteline – Anti Lift Kit
Whiteline – Front Upper control Arm bushings
Race Alignment by: CVT Designs
Forged Performance Stainless Braided Brake lines
Carbotech XP-16 Race pads F/R
Motul BRF-600 Brake Fluid

Wheels and Tires:

Show/Track Days:

– Vossen CV7’s – 20X10.5 +15 Front and Rear

– ISS Forged (one off) 3 piece forged wheels – 20x10F/20x11R
Street Tires: Pirelli P-Zero 255F/295R
20″ Track Tires: Bridgestone RE070 255F/285R

18″ Time Attack Race Set up:

Volk TE-37 (gloss black) 18×9.5 F / 18×10.5 R
18″ Hoosier R6 295/40/18














-AM Gabe


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