Wekfest Texas 2013…Texas is the Reason!


What do you get when you cross a lot of the nicest imports from across the United States with one big ass convention center in Houston, TX?  You get Wekfest.  There is no fluff, no muss, no fuss, and no extra anything.  Wekfest is about the cars, their build quality, and the only extra they bring in is vendors for everyone to buy from.


This years Texas stop on the Wekfest tour was in Houston.  The enthusiasts came through in a big way and the boys over at Wekfest put together a show with over 400 cars.  Last years stop was in Austin and it was very disappointing to say the least.  Lots of cars with messed up paint/parts/etc.  There were still quite a few questionable entries into the show this year considering that there is an application process.  You submit your ride, pictures, and plans and they make a decision as to your worthiness.


The only real issue I saw was the fire marshal problem.  With over 400 cars they only brought in 2 fire marshals to check all the cars.  This caused a delay of just over an hour and caused a line to stretch all the way around the George R. Brown Convention Center.  If you know the building, you know it’s FUCKING GIGANTIC!!!  I saw quite a few attendees turn away after driving by the line and just as many talking about it on social media networks.


Aside from all that our small crew had a great time.  We always do.  Great friends, great cars, and a little non-homo ass grabbing all plays into our great community.  This is our house and we brought the noise.  This is Houston after all.  I haven’t seen these types of crowds in a long time but we ALWAYS bring the cars.  It doesn’t matter if the show is in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio.  Houston will always bring out the best cars and attract the best from all over the U.S.


The rest of this is me just babbling on about how some guy tried to grope me while I was walking around with my camera.  Onto the pics!!!

-AM Gabe


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