Wekfest TX Pre-Meet…Where the Ricers Come to Play!

The BRUBRD from Team SunWorks

Ricers usually come in flocks…for the most part.  Especially to meets all over our great city, Houston.  This meet was a special event hosted by none other than the kings of the ricers, Mayday Garage and The Chronicles.

You aint down until you tuck almost half the rim.
Jessica’s gorgeous vert has sexy wheels.

Cars from across the United States all gathered under one hashtag…errr…for one big ass car show.  #wekfest #wekfestprep #dohashtagsevenworkonthiswebsite #probablynot


Wekfest, a great gathering of beautifully built imports, decided to bring their madness to Houston for the Texas stop this year.  Rumor has it that there were 400+ cars accepted into the show on 12/15/2013 this year.  That’s more cars than most shows that stop through here on a regular basis.

David Do’s sweet little FD.
Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!

The ladies over at Mayday Garage got together with The Chronicles and 8th Wonder Brewery to bring all the ricers out for some pre-wekfest activities.  Next time you see one of them please give them a hug…or the reach-around.  It’s either/or with them.  I know, I already said that, but, I forgot the reach-around part.  Shoot me!

#rememberthebuster #teampw
The Rice Box
Luxury Edition…just the tip, just to see how it feels.
Eatsie boys in the house!

-AM Gabe


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