Wekfest Texas: Motor City!

This was my favorite bay of the day.
This was my favorite bay of the day.

Motors, engines, engine bays, and all the surrounding parts.  I learned at Wekfest Austin 2012 that these import boys and girls know how to put together an engine bay.  Tucked, shaved, painted, and generally clean enough to use as a plate for your favorite meal.

My 2nd favorite of the day…a super close 2nd to the one above.

When I showed up this year at Wekfest Houston I wanted to get as many engine pictures of nicely put together bays as I could.  SHOOT ALL THE THINGS!!!  Sorry…I get carried away sometimes.

Just.  Sexy.
Just. Sexy.

There is just something sexy about a nice engine bay.  It doesn’t matter how you put it together.  Tucked and shaved?  Awesome.  Carbon fiber all the things?  Awesome.  Custom paint and a mil-spec wiring harness?  Awesome.  Custom engine covers?  Awesome.  I could go on for dayyyyyyyyyyssssss!!!!

Squirrel Squad.
Squirrel Squad.

I put together a gallery of all the engine bays I liked for your enjoyment.  ❤

-AM Gabe


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