Wekfest Texas 2013: Our Favorite Rides!

The time has come to add one last article to our Wekfest Texas Coverage.  Our favorite rides.  The best, the nicest, the cleanest, the awesomest, etc etc.

IMG_8514One of my personal favorite cars from Wekfest was this chrome wrapped Audi TT from I-Motion.  If you are an “OG” around the Houston import community then you know I-Motion.  Yeah it’s a little over the top, has 2 different wheels, and all the other apparent things people like to hate on…so what?  Ain’t care.



IMG_8519Another car that made the top of our list was this gorgeous civic coupe built by CNS Polish Works.  When I tell you there was attention to detail and no centimeter of this car left untouched please believe me.  I looked…hard.  We will be working on a feature for this car so I can attempt to bring you pics of the detail and work that went into this car.




IMG_8531Errrrrmahgherrrrd!  Dat engraving doe!!!

The next in line on our favorite list was this clean little Honda Ruckus.  The stretch, the wheels, the paint…it all works so harmoniously here.  We will also be doing a feature on her (yes…it’s female owned) in the future.



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