Gemballa Puts Crappy Wheels on a McLaren P1!

We are all for modding anything here at AutoModia, but, this looks terrible.  The wheels, the materials, and the building process may not be crappy but HOLY CRAP they are ugly.

Gemballa-McLaren-P1-7[2]I would honestly expect to find this flavor of wheel on something that didn’t set me back 1.15 million dollars.  The CEO of Gemballa calls these wheels “technically and visually fascinating.”  I think the Buick down my street has this same wheel design.

Gemballa-McLaren-P1-8[2]I honestly expected something more from the great Gemballa.  Then again, when you have that much money, absolutely no fucks are given.  Hypercar fit for a king, wheels fit for a G35 or something.  Gross.



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