America, Stop Being Assholes!

Usually we will only find automotive junk to report on, make fun of, take pictures of, etc etc, and so on.  There are still some cars in these pictures right?  Carpool vans and what not…lol.

20140104_134952As I drive around every year after firework time I always run across the same scene.  This time I am letting you guys know to stop being assholes.  New Years Eve and the 4th of July, the two biggest fireworks days of the year.  Everyone rush out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks and rush home to pop them, shoot them at your friends, blow them up in your face, etc.  All that nonsense right?

What do I find at the end of these nights?  A few parking lots filled with your firework trash along the freeways and firework trash littering the streets of many neighborhoods.

20140104_135019Is it really that difficult to pick up after your damn self?  Aren’t we supposed to be the example for the rest of the world here?  Am I asking too many questions?  Are Americans becoming too stupid to realize that they will eventually cause their own downfall?  Damn the terrorists, we got this homie.

20140104_134933Naaah bruh, somebody else will pick it up…

Is this the world we want to leave to our children?  One of no responsibility for your own damn actions?  Oh wait, that’s already happening.  Nobody takes responsibility for shit around here.  We can spend hundreds each on fireworks but can’t spend $10 on a box of trash bags.

20140104_134915Something tells me that this scene in a suburb just west of Houston, Texas wasn’t the only place this happens.  So let’s go ahead and apply this to everywhere that morons exist.  This area was not a ghetto and far from a landfill.  It is actually pretty nice.  It’s a “Park n’ Ride” carpool parking for morning/evening commuters that work in Houston.

20140104_134848What are you teaching your children here?  I will answer that for you, you aren’t teaching a damn thing that means anything to anyone.  You are teaching them that no fucks are given and it’s OK to trash some place as long as you can just drive away from it.  If no one sees you do it then you didn’t do it right?

20140104_134834Right now I am pretty damn ashamed to call myself an American even though I love this country.  With the general lack of responsibility in this place we will see this more often than not unfortunately.

20140104_134814When your taxes go up every year because the local, state, and national governments have to do the simplest things like…throw away your trash…don’t look anywhere else aside from in the mirror.  If you stop being assholes for one minute and take some responsibility for your own damn actions this country might have some hope.  Might.

America, the beaut…the idiots.

-AM Gabe


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