Craigslist Find: Runs Like a Raped Ape!

From the deep files of “I can’t make this shit up” is this beauty someone wants to trade for a G35…6spd. only bros.  LOL!!!


Im thinking of trading my 2fast 2furious 03 Tiburon named “Zeus” with only 49kmi. Super fast car, runs like a RAPED APE!!! Snarlzz at every throttle, BEGS to be REV(growled) up!! with all the racing features. Racing tranny racing clutch you can barely keep meat on the tires real talk, wants to break thread eveytime. racing radiator, breaded lines air filter, $1500 worth of exhaust, Konig 19″ rims. Full body Kit Loud Pipes to go with it. You wanna go fasssst, THIS is the ride for you. In the pics, first pic is a before grill. I didn’t like the grill and it has slight damage so I’m changing it to the R-Spec Grill in the 3rd photo. Have new grill just not installed. I took the car in on trade and love the car but not wanting something so modified. I like factory with maybe some pipes, but factory I prefer. Soooo, before I get to attach to it, cuz… I do love it and its a clean sweet ride, seriously low miles compares to a 2010 in miles. I’m seeing if anyone has an interesting trade. Looking for a G35 coupe auto or 6sp preferably 6sp if… im blessed any miles any color but loaded w/sunroof & spoiler even salvage title if nice. Mazda 6 prefer 6sp loaded must have sunroof and bigger spoiler, Avalanche, Escalade, 745i BMW, 525i, 325i , x5 ,CLK BENZ, gs300 CTS, something in the luxury class or even another like type tibby coupe 6sp 05up with the bigger spoiler n sunroof all factory. Or let me know what you got???. A sport bike maybe a Blue R6/r1 with some cash. Cash on any bike deal or bike has to be equall value, and 09up 600cc up(all blue bikes higher odds) I have clear title in my hand in my name. Send pics of your trade or you MIGHT not even get a response. Thanx for looking. Serious serious serious inquiries only please, no shipping, trade only with clear titles in your name. This is basically a new car, so no junk. Will take partial or give partial cash, can come up with a few g’s and some payments or a second car to throw in for a teens first car or something if needed on G35 6sp only mayyybe an automatic , lets deal. If you see ad car still for trade/barter

Someone get on this racecar immediately.  Too good to pass up apparently.  It’s a TIburon bro…a Tiburon.

p.s. – I tried to run that through spellcheck and my computer told me to go screw myself.  LOL!!!


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