Craigslist Find: My Jeep for a Week with Your Wife!

Yep, I still can’t make this shit up!  The guy is so hard up for a little bump n’ grind that he is willing to trade his Jeep Cherokee for it.  Hey buddy…there are escort services, hookers, and massage parlors you can hit up for FAAAAR less than your Jeep.  Not that I would know any of that information first hand.  **ahem**

This is not the Jeep in question.
This is not the Jeep in question.

I have a 4wd Jeep Cherokee. Its is dully loaded and has a which attached to front ranch hand bumper and grill gaurd. It is on a 4 in suspension lift and a 6 inch body lift has 35 mud grip tires(1200) witch has only been on it for two months. The truck only has 48,000 miles on it. i am looking to trade it but I looking for certain things only. I don’t need it but its paid for so O don’t have to sell it. Now here is what I am looking for. A lady( preferable married to how wants the jeep) she mist be 18 to 50 and fit. I give you the jeep and you leave your wife with me for a week. When you come pick her up she have the signed title to the jeep. So if interested send me several photo of the wife and I get right back to you. The photo need to be nude after all she will be for a week.

The vajeen is never worth your car.  All car guys know that!


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