Craigslist Find: Jeep Wrangler, Holy Shit Edition!


Hi, I am selling my 1997 Jeep Wrangler. This vehicle has a clean title & carfax no accidents. I have tons of money and time that I put in to it and to do one from scratch it would be well over $20k plus the cost of the car . This car runs & drives excellent and does not have any mechanical issues. Below are some details of the car.

1997 Jeep Wrangler 4×4
Rsx types-s bucket seat (4)
Sti cluster
Fresh paint job with custom hood
Rubicon flares
Brand new hard top
All new struts, brakes,rotors
Brand new Mickey Thomson wheels with Yokohama tires
Custom 2JZGTE Engine with all custom mounts & bell housing
Motor was freshened up
Wrangler v8 transmission, driveshaft & welded rear
Act 6 puck clutch
Rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive
Custom Twin Turbo Setup (s372 & hx35)
HKS bov & Wastegate
After market intake manifold (greedy style)
Stock fuel & ECU on 10psi
Precision intecooler
Radio with cd player
heat works no ac

Yeah holy shit that looks like fun!  Hence the “Holy Shit Edition.”  I won’t even look at another Jeep the same.



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