Craigslist Find: Super Rare Rotas!

Now I’m not one to really give a damn if your wheels are authentic or not as long as the funk isn’t faked.  However, I did not realize Rota wheels became a hot commodity…


I have some pretty rare old school Rota wheels. Probably the only one in Texas that has them. All come with center caps and bolts. Two tires are 195/55/15 Kumho with very good tread. The other two tires are 205/50/15 Bridgestone Re-01r tire. Decent tread, only one wheel has some slight rash from having tires mounted. Rota does NOT produce these wheels anymore. They were made in the early 90s.



Lug pattern-4×100 only

Center bore-57.1mm


The mis-education of our youth is very apparent here.  I do hope someone picks up these super rare Rotas though.  If you guys find any stupid, ridiculous, awesome, funny, etc Craigslist ads related to cars please send them to us!  ❤


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