F@$k You Toyota Prius!

Do you remember that Craigslist Ad that I posted here a little while ago?  Well…I have run across some build pictures here.  1525387_720601777973978_1144329763_nMy faith in humanity is virtually restored here.  Its got everything you need for a killer sleeper.  A small, stupid looking car that the  Toyota Prius fills nicely, and an engine bay with a ridiculous motor somehow shoehorned inside.  We don’t have time for stock firewalls and functional gauges.  All we need to know is that it works and that the motor stays cool.  After that, it’s open season on anything that wants to have some fun.

1496661_720601751307314_2106187722_nI mean, how fucking cool is that!?  It even has brightly colored, terrible looking wheels that will attract ricers all day.  It’s just the perfect combination of everything that’s right and wrong with this world.  My day is complete.

Kudos to the owner and whoever buys this little ugly morsel of awesome!

-AM Gabe


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