The Top 12 Ricer Mistakes We All Make!

Starting with the very first car we buy all the way up to our current ride, we are stuck modifying the same things first.  Over the years I have figured out that most are just unnecessary.  It doesn’t matter if it’s our daily driver or our project car.  This list tends to get us over the hump to making something that isn’t necessarily unique…but truly our own.  We have all done them…and no matter what I say…we will continue to do them.

12 – Gauges

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow many people here have that stupid Air/Fuel Ratio gauge that only dances in front of your face?  Hit the gas and it lights up to just one color.  Let off the gas and it begins its dance again.  More or less…useless.  Your cars stock gauges will do plenty for you.

11 – Bright Colored Wheels

Bentley-Continental-modification-resultBMW330iprofile296j6sgWe aren’t talking about chrome or white here either.  Pink, highlighter yellow, baby blue, teal, etc.  We tend to change colors to push the “unique” side of the wheels everyone else has.

10 – Racing Harnesses

SSC_2098What the actual hell do you need these for in your grocery getter?  You only make 150hp…get out!  Your seatbelt is plenty.

9 – The Roll Call

rollcallpic Decals_750x600Half the damn time we see these awfully put together sticker line-ups on cars that are mostly stock.  It’s kind of like a wish list of things that will just never happen.  Yeah yeah yeah…sponsors and all that nonsense and whatnot…lol!

8 – Fake Wheels Labeled as Real


0be8ed0cceed1cbb8ea18ea6b9e9e2df1424361c586b59a5921030778672aa1e roys fake-ssrDon’t fake the funk.  We could really care less if your wheels aren’t from the original manufacturer.  Seriously.  However, if you put the real decals on them and run them as real, you are going to have a bad time.

7 – Sticker Bombs

macbook_pro_sticker_bomb_by_afitiity-d33lvh3 WembleyRod-7564 honda-civic-turbo-sticker-bombStop it…just STAAHHHPP!!!  You spent more on stickers than it cost to paint your damn fender.  I don’t want to call you stupid but…

6 – Lower All the Things

KONI-8610-REARx2-SMALL lower_all_the_carsYou drive a base model 1989 Toyota Camry with mismatched paint and a cardboard window.  There isn’t a very good reason to even cut your springs.  Leave that poor car alone…it’s been through enough.

5 – Dumpt

IMG_1921 d23443a072a911e3942212baca543904_6Want to take your girl on a date?  Nope.  Want to go out with your friends?  Nope.  Want to go f0r a cruise to clear your mind?  Nope.  Your car can’t make it over a soda can tab…what makes you think you are going to make it out the damn driveway?

4 – Painted Interior

user42958_pic6502_1276206711 32101660002_largeDid Ronald McDonald explode in your interior?  Good lord that’s awful.  Quit while your ahead.

3 – Bacon Fenders

bacon_zps9f0c80e4 earuhk DSC_0007MediumNow that you have installed your 17×17 wheels why don’t you stretch a 215 tire over them and let them hopelessly bang into your awful fender work?  That should kill any value your car had once you put it back to stock to sell.

2 – Big Wangs

bolt_ons_03_0710-lg-22470395 freewilly2 whaletail whale+tail1140716766 car-with-wingHouston, we have lift off!  Does that big ass spoiler do anything for your stock Civic?  Oh hey, by the way bro, it’s on backwards!

1 – The Pep Boys Accessory Aisle

PEP BOYS AUTO PARTS STORE Service Center Maintenance, Pep Boys Auto Parts Automotive Car Repair ServiceBingo!  Number One!  Do not pass go.  Once you get the keys to your first car and your first paycheck please, for the love of the baby Jesus, stay the hell away from this place.  It’s full of all kinds of items mentioned above.  It sits there just waiting for you to make a bad decision.  DON’T DO IT!!!

huntley_neonsHonorable Mention goes to Neon Lights.  I just didn’t want a list of 13 things.  13 is bad luck right?

Please share this with your friends and family! LOL!

-AM Gabe


3 thoughts on “The Top 12 Ricer Mistakes We All Make!”

  1. One of the greatest blog posts I have read and can relate to in my early years…..well some of it….gauges and roll cages on ricers are just stupid haha!!

    Live to Drive….Ricers too!

    1. The response has been hilarious. I especially love the butt hurt individuals that just can’t take a joke lol.

      We are ricers for life. It’s what we grew up on and it’s what we will die on. 🙂

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