The Top 6 Best and Worst Shift Knobs Ever Made!

The shifter and shift knob is something that you touch and use every day of your life.  If you own a car and commute even 15ft. to work then you use a shift knob.  As a car enthusiasts credo goes, however, we are inclined to modify everything.  The OEM shifter/shift knob is OK for about 20 minutes.  After that we need to tinker.  We need to change.  Yeah it’s not broke but fuck you I’m fixing it either way.  Y’ALL DON’T KNOW ME…Y’ALL DONT KNOW MY STRUGGLE…sorry…I have digressed.  I have compiled a list of the Top 6 best AND worst shift knobs or shifters ever made.  And the winners are…

6 – The “JDM” Flower Shift Knob / Category: Worst


P1010463 fv8uu1They even come in different lengths of gayness.  These beauties can be found in everything from your average import to your favorite drift car.  If you’d like to deter thieves from even thinking about going into your car for fear of catching an STD please install said knob.  I can honestly say that yes, yes I have owned one of these beauties before.  Problem? (lol)

5 – The Beer Tap Handle / Category: Best

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA loganfriend1 pabst_blue_shifter 3431-beer-tap-shifter-installed-tractor-pull-azThese things are awesome!  A common passer-by can instantly tell if you like flavor or just like to drink piss judging by your custom beer tap shifter.  Please feel free to use this as a “should I befriend this person” meter based on what you drink versus what they drink.  Are you a smelly hipster?  Then the guy with the PBR shifter will be your best friend for ever…or until it becomes too mainstream to be friends.  Whatever comes first.

4 – The Ball / Category: Best

ti_ball_logo_600 8-ball_shifter1 honda-acura-jdm-s2k-style-ball-shape-shift-knob-1 555-1251The simplistic nature of these shift knobs speaks volumes.  Easy to handle, miles of different finishes, different materials used, different weights, etc.  The beauty here lies in the ease of use with each precise shift.

3 – The Dildo / Category: Really?  Best…duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

attachment maxresdefault 47828d1326247686-shift-knobs-l

31ed0177afa0ac686c59ebc94543a5289cd1acc4f5c3cfd681bc8d39afaedc6cI don’t even…wait…what?  I mean…Congrats!!!!  You have just bought your girlfriends favorite mod to your car.  If she is spending long nights in the garage without you after installing this knob then you know exactly what’s going on.  You are now insufficient to the size of your car.  I am going to go die now..brb…

3 – Hurst / Category: Best

70_hurst_vaughn_2b Hurst-Shifters 3838530_V-Matic3-HURST 2C1tV 100_0791Founded in 1958, Hurst was THE name in shifters.  If you were going fast and needed a custom shifter or shift knob Hurst was the company you called.  After being passed around a few times in the last few decades you can find Hurst in the Mr. Gasket line-up.  You can also find their name on a few specialty cars that have been built carry their name as well.

1 – The “JDM” Bubble Shift Knob / Category: Best

Bubble_shifter DSC_0083 vert04_smaller Image049-1Just like it’s floral counterpart, this bubble shifter comes in many different lengths.  What sets these apart from the others is that you can acquire them in different colors.  If you ever wanted to shift into 3rd and knock your rearview mirror off at the same time then this one is for you.

And then there’s this guy…

243rlewI don’t even know…hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!  Some people are just into some weird shit.  I’m speechless.

You know what, just for that, the “JDM” Bubble shift knob is getting bumped into the Worst category.  LOL!!!


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