The Most Beautiful Car Toyota Ever Built!

Does one even have to ask?  The most beautiful car Toyota ever built has to be the 2000GT.  Nothing else really comes close…FACT.  I am telling you what your opinion is…so what you wanna fight about it?

toyota-2000gt-4 Toyota_2000GT_cutaway_by_Shin_Yoshikawa_77205235_stdAround $1.2 million dollars is what these tend to go for at auction in beautiful shape.  First displayed in 1965 at the Tokyo Motor Show, the 2000GT became almost an instant classic.  The build numbers were kept low enough that it is a rare collectors car.  Some consider it to be the first collector car to come out of Japan…some even considered it the first japanese supercar.  Taking a look at the rear wheel drive set up and those long and low flowing lines it’s easy to see why it was up for that consideration.

1967_Toyota_2000GT lf10_r121_28Only 337 2000GT’s were produced between 1967 and 1970.  They were raced by Carroll Shelby and there were even 3 custom convertibles built by Toyota for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.  The convertibles weren’t functional (meaning it was just a hump on the tonneau with no top) but they were gorgeous just the same.

2011-toyota-2000gt-12 toyota-2000gt-autoartYou can see many of Toyota’s future sports cars and car design in general wrapped up in this beauty.  Those hips don’t lie and that is right where my was initially drawn the first time I saw one of these.  The engine was based on the straight-six out of the Toyota Crown but it was put together by Yamaha.  Yamaha worked out the 2.0L mill to have double overhead camshafts and made 150hp.  That really isn’t much seeing as how it was considered a “supercar” but it would do 135mph and get 31mpg.  For 1967…yeah…I’m good with calling it a supercar.

1967Toyota2000GT_03_2000 1967-Toyota-2000GT-2013-Toyota-FT86-rear-1024x640The big panel hiding in the big ass middle of the fender is where the battery hides.  Thankfully it only adds the beauty and mystique that the 2000GT carries.  Those hips don’t lie and that is exactly what my eyes were initially drawn to on this beauty.  From the headlights to the tail lights and all the pieces in between everything just seems to work together.  Everything seems so beautifully simple with this car.

1967_Toyota_2000GT_Yellow_For_Sale_Interior_Two_resize Toyota-2000-GT-side-black-and-whiteThe interior follows suit with the simpler things in life.  Everything is right in reach and nothing is gaudy or out-of-place.  This is how all cars interiors should be built.  Where would auto design be without cars like this?  I’d be scared to know honestly.

Toyota-2000GT-3Cars like the 2000GT teach us that auto design doesn’t have to be so rudimentary.  There is beauty in simple shapes and it doesn’t have to conform to anything.  Some car designs are just so wrong when compared to cars like this one.  If there were more like it then it wouldn’t be so unique though.  Need a #womancrushwednesday for your instagram feed…yeah…this will work just fine.  Say guh…what yo name sound like!?

-AM Gabe


One thought on “The Most Beautiful Car Toyota Ever Built!”

  1. Awesome article. This is one of the 2000 GT is by far the best Toyota of all-time. I didn’t realize that it was in You Only Live Twice. Im going to have to go back and watch for it now

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