West Houston Muscle 5-Year Anniversary Meet!

Sean over at West Houston Muscle ( www.westhoustonmuscle.com ) is beginning to become quite good at putting together meets and get togethers for his WHM faithful.  He is successful enough that this past January marked the 5 year anniversary of his idea to bring together car enthusiasts from all walks of life.

IMG_1717-XL IMG_1693-XL IMG_1686-XLSure, it’s called West Houston Muscle and is really based out of West Houston, but, he brings in more than just muscle cars.  The Blast to the Past meets usually bring car enthusiasts together from every walk of life.  Imports, Trucks, Domestics, Muscle Cars, etc all gather at these giant meets a couple of times each year.  The regular meets held by WHM usually attract the Domestic/Muscle Car crowd with just a smattering of Imports.

IMG_1676-XL IMG_1682-XL IMG_1660-XLWhat is very clear here is that he has found the right equation to making good events for great people and knows how to execute them.  Without them poor old West Houston might be lost…lol!

IMG_1684-XL IMG_1640-XL IMG_1633-XLNow if you haven’t noticed these are not pictures taken by yours truly.  These pictures belong to Ashley Silva.  She is currently in the middle of taking over the internets with all her pictures.  I have the pleasure of getting to work with her from time to time and she has a GREAT deal of enthusiasm.

IMG_1687-XL IMG_1649-XL IMG_1652-XLI have worked with Ashley before on the Charger shoot and will be working with her in the future.  Please check back often because I may have to mess around and offer her a job.  I can’t even keep up with her…lol.  Please check out her flickr at www.flickr.com/erexion and yes she is a chick.  I don’t know how people get her confused with a dude…ASHLEY!!

IMG_1701-XL IMG_1700-XL IMG_1699-XL If you don’t go check out her site and her facebook page at www.facebook.com/ashleysilvaphotography I will hunt you down and tickle the shit out of you.  Kapeesh?!

IMG_1604-XL IMG_1608-XL IMG_1579-XL

Check out the gallery…GO NOW!

-AM Gabe


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