The Most Beautiful Car Ford Never Built!

dp1 (19)The only thing Ford really did for this beautiful machine was the 351 that sits in-between the rear shock towers.  Oh yeah, it sold them in America through its Lincoln-Mercury dealership networks…but stealerships don’t count.  Nobody even likes those places (lol).

dp1 (1) dp1 (4)The Pantera was originally designed by Tom Tjaarda who designed the 1966 Ferrari 365 GT California among many others.  The Pantera made its debut in Monaco in March of 1970 and again at the New York Motor Show that same year.  The underrated 330hp V8 beast was sold from 1971 through a few different versions to 1993.

dp1 (14) dp1 (20)Now that the wikipedia lesson is over just look at this car!  It’s simplistic wedge design followed up with the wide wheels and beautiful motor made the Pantera an instant classic.  The ole-girl just looks fast sitting completely still.  That’s something that is honestly hard to pull off properly.

dp1 (8)dp1 (10)Those hips coupled together with the noise the engine made would make any average car enthusiasts pants just a little tighter.  It’s like meeting a beautiful woman who speaks decent english but with a thick accent.  Just enough to melt your soul and make you swoon.  You guys know what I’m talking about…don’t act like you haven’t been there before.

dp1 (7) dp1 (11)After all that you have what is essentially one of the early supercars.  All the proportions, weight, and power is there to help make a supercar that will win your heart.  If you don’t see a Pantera you will certainly hear it.  Once it rounds the corner you will temporarily forget all your worries.  That noise and those looks will just make you smile…then your wife might slap you to bring you back to planet earth (lol).

-AM Gabe


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