Bags are for Groceries!

IMG_8959In the grocery shopping game, the man with the bags is king.  In this case the man would be Michael Rochman and his shopping cart a 2009 Subaru Legacy GT.  Coolest.  Grocery Getter.  Ever.  Seriously.  Need to.  Stop.  Typing.  Like this.

IMG_8985What we actually have here is the best of all kinds of worlds.  Do you like fast cars?  This one makes 520 horsepower to all four wheels.  Do you like low cars?  If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s bagged.  Do you like your family?  This one has four doors.  Do you hate your family?  Well, you probably need some counseling or a puppy or something.  Do you see what I’m driving at here people?  This beauty does all kinds of things!

IMG_8955-2We got to this photo spot and found that part of the building we would be shooting in front of had been taken down.  They had replaced it with a rocky, gravel road that led to a concrete pad in the back.  If Michael’s Legacy hadn’t been bagged we would have never made it back there with his car.

IMG_8912Mike dialed up the folks over at AWD Tuning for the motor work where they replaced…everything.  The list of parts that made it to the motor read like a book.  A book that only car enthusiasts will care about or read.  Arias, Darton, Perrin, Crawford, Grimmspeed, Tial, Cobb, and Kustoms Unlimited are just a few names of the parts that would eventually hit this motor.  All told this Legacy makes 520awhp and 470awtq.  When the earth finally gives up and stops spinning I will be calling Mike to help get her jumpstarted again (lol).

IMG_8937Kustoms Unlimited pieced together the air-ride for Mike.  Universal airbags, Megan dampers, and Viair compressors make up the meat of the suspension.  The rest of the fabrication was tackled and then he slapped on a set of 19×8.5″ Rotiform BLQs shod in Falken Tires.

IMG_8875The exterior consists of the entire R-Rev catalog along with a few JDM goodies that includes carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler.  Mike then called up the ladies over at Southside Performance for a custom coat of plastidip in Brooklyn Gold.  Let’s just call this color “Brooklyn-Ass-Mike” for no reason at all (lol).

IMG_8947The inside is much like the outside of the car.  Damn near every inch of this Legacy is shod in aftermarket gear.  All of it was built and put together by Sideways Autosalon.  A Sony 7″ Navigation head unit, Morel components, Zapco amps, and a Morel subwoofer make up the meat of the sound system.  All this is mated to custom rewrapped pieces and many JDM parts to make this one beautiful and understated interior.  Well, at least until you get into the trunk (lol).

IMG_8938Mike chose the Legacy platform simply because he loved the body style and was the owner of a 2005 Legacy a few years ago.  “I wanted a car that was unique but still had enough mod support to make it fun,” were his exact words.  Speaking of car count here, Mike has owned 15 cars in his life and as of right now he has 3 Subarus.  Hey Mike!  Did you know there are other cars?  😛

IMG_8975Growing up, Mike was always fascinated by cars.  Weren’t we all?  His step-dad taught him quite a few things and he learned to love all different types of builds.  Lowriders, mini-trucks, imports, classics, etc…it just doesn’t matter.  Mike gave me a laundry list of dream cars but the one that stands out to me was the slantnose Porsche 911.  Ermahgherrrrd so much want!!!  The biggest thing I want folks to know about Mike is that he is a car show judge for Import Face-Off.  He travels the United States judging cars and tries to be as subjective and accurate as he can.  While talking to him about it I can tell he is very passionate and he will always try to do his best.  On top of all this…he allowed me to draw a penis next to his car for the pictures.  That’s my kind of friend!  LOL!

IMG_8979The modlist for this Legacy was about 4 miles longer so this was really just the quick and the dirty.  I could have written it all down but our A.D.H.D generation would have “shiny red balled” themselves 2 paragraphs in (lol).  I want to thank Mike for coming out and letting us shoot his beautiful car.  ❤

IMG_9000 IMG_8868 IMG_8944 IMG_8939

Engine: 520whp/470wtq @ 24psi AWDTuning Stage 4 package, Pauter Rods, Arias Pistons, Darton Sleeves, 278/280 Crawford Cams, Killer B Oil Pan package, Borg Warner S362 Turbo, Perrin Rotated Turbo kit, Kustoms Unlimited Intercooler Piping W/Vibrant Clamps, Crawford AOS, Grimmspeed EBCS, Grimmspeed STI Manifold, Kartboy Dogbone, Beatrush Engine Mounts, Tial Wastegate, Stromung Exhaust, Forge BOV, Speed Density Tuned with Cobb V3 Accessport, Engine Built and Tuned by AWDTuning, Fabrication by Kustoms Unlimited, Powdercoating by Top Koat

Suspension: Suspesion Built and Fabricated by Kustoms Unlimited Universal Air Suspension Bags, Megan 32 way Damper struts, 4 gallon tank, 2 Viair compressors, Dakota Tank/Bag psi gauge, Wilwood Big Brake Kit, Rotiform BLQ 19×8.5 3-piece wheels, Falken Tires

Exterior: Dipped By Southside Performance Brooklyn gold semi-gloss custom Dip, JDM Front and Rear Spats, RBS Lip, R-Rev CF Grill, R-Rev CF Hood, R-Rev CF Trunk, R-Rev CF Mirror covers, R-Rev CF Foglight Bezels, R-Rev CF Eyelids, JDM CF STI Trunk Lid Spoiler, AIT Racing Roof Spoiler, Rear Bumper reflector delete

Interior: Audio and Interior done by Sideways Autosalon, JDM Dash and Hvac, R-Rev CF Dash Bezel, GT Spec CF D-Wheel, Sony 7” Navi Head Unit, Morel Components in Custom Kick Panels, Rear Deck trim and Rewrap Casopolis Shift Knob, Prosport Digital AFR, EGT, and Boost Gauges, Custom Pillar Gauge Pod, AVO Single Pod Trim Painted Black W/ Gold Flakes, 2 300watt Zapco Amps, 500watt Zapco Amp, 2 SVR 2000 Gel Cell Batteries in Trunk, Custom Trunk layout, Morel 12” Sub in Custom Enclosure Artwork by Crash Accent Lighting

-AM Gabe


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