The Most Beautiful Car Lancia Ever Built!

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Do you even have to ask?  Lancia, notorious for being ridiculously reliable cars…no, I mean for rusting through the floor and falling apart.  I know they have made a bit of a comeback, but, with a history like the one they have it is very difficult to ignore.  Here we have the Delta HF Integrale, the most beautiful Lancia ever built.

IMG_4968-1687447071-O IMG_4966-1687446903-O

One could put in a good argument for the Stratos.  Not really though.  The Stratos’ beauty is derived largely from its Ferrari drivetrain.  It really is just not quite as easy on the eyes as the Lancia hot hatch.

IMG_4944-1687445955-O IMG_4830-1687444066-O

It’s boxy, it’s tough looking, and it will stand you up and whoop your ass on the rally stage.  The Delta’s shape and flat nose is instantly recognizable and is a poster child for 1980’s automotive design.  Slap a set of really bright lights on the front and you can take this beauty out for a blinding freeway romp or a blast through the forest.

IMG_4904-1687445150-O IMG_4909-1687445149-O

Let’s not forget that if you slap one of the HF Integrale’s Speedline Corse wheels on a curb it will set you back about $750 dollars…not doll hairs.  However, even with all of Lancia’s issues and history with the Beta coupe, they still managed to build one of the all-time greats.

IMG_4822-1687443841-O IMG_4855-1687444493-O

The one you are looking at here is, in fact, a rally champion.  It spent its early days tearing through forests and gravel roads to bring home many trophies.  It was then scooped up by a private buyer and turned into a monster of a road car.  Do you know your car’s history?  My Scion xB hasn’t done a damn thing (lol).

-AM Gabe


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