New Contributor: Ashley Silva Photography!

IMG_2776-XL IMG_2738-XLI don’t think it’s any secret that Ashley has basically taken over the internets with photos.  At our photo shoot for Michael’s Legacy I asked if she’d like to contribute on a regular basis.  So she will be doing most of our muscle car coverage in Houston and any other meets she goes to that I am unable to attend.

IMG_2656-XL IMG_2711-XLOne look at her work and it is very easy to tell that she has the talent.  I am no professional photographer myself, but, I am beginning to like her work more than my own (lol).  Ashley is EVERYWHERE!!!  I don’t know when this chick sleeps…honestly!  On top of that she is a super nice person and is extremely enthusiastic.

IMG_2661-XL IMG_2682-XLThis is her take on Michael Rochman’s Subaru Legacy.  Some of these photos made me want to throw my own away…seriously.  I consider myself lucky to be able to bring on someone with her talent.  I do like to tell people that she shows up to my photo shoots and just takes over…and she does (lol).

IMG_2835-XL IMG_2773-XLShe did fall into the other money pit with the rest of us though.  Photography AND cars.  Ashley drives a pretty minty little Honda CRX that you have seen right here on AutoModia.  It’s just clean and simple and doesn’t have bacon fenders or unpainted body parts.

IMG_2652-XL IMG_2735-XLCheck out her Facebook page and click like at or I will kick you in the face…hard…with a tire iron.  Pretty soon her Facebook page will be bigger than the AutoModia page (lol).

IMG_2843-XL IMG_2839-XLIf you’d like to be a contributor for the website please contact us at for details.  Photographers, writers, videographers, internet assholes…the lot!  Basically creative automotive journalism.

-AM Gabe


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