Dear Toyota, Are You Really Surprised with the FR-S?

frsAre you really surprised that the FR-S has “disappointing” sales figures and now you are rethinking future upgrades?  I mean really?  You built a car, an enthusiast based car, based on a car that has a cult classic following, and then priced it out of the range of the average enthusiast.  I won’t delve into the underpowered bit because the original AE86 wasn’t a powerhouse either.  However, a $25,255 entry price into a car that you aren’t allowed to negotiate on isn’t dragging people to your dealerships in droves.

frs7 frs2Let’s face facts here.  You can have a lot more for the same amount of money.  You can also have a faster car for less money.  Sure the chassis won’t be near as “poised” and “well-built” as the GT-86, that’s just a given.  When I look at anything else I am astonished at price ranges and power levels.  These “other” options also come on cars that I am allowed to negotiate on.  As a fellow Scion owner I know the game.  If I go in to a dealership to buy a car priced at $23,995 I surely don’t want to spend $23,995.

frs4 frs1If you want to move some cars bring it over to the Toyota brand, slap some factory incentives on them, and let people negotiate.  $25k may be too much, but, $22.5k out the door can be a little bit more manageable with the budget.  That being said, I would love to own one, maybe a used one, but my next new car will be just as powerful as the FR-S and cost thousands less.

-AM Gabe


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