The DisKo CRX!

IMG_9092 IMG_9054Dance floors are places that exist for some girls to shine and for some girls to look just 100% awkward.  There are ladies out there that just try too hard I’m afraid.  They put on heels that they can’t walk in properly and dresses that are too tight when they don’t have the body to match.  They hit the dance floor and leave everyone in complete bewilderment that they can move at all.  After all the caked on make-up, awkward clothes, and strange dance moves they still think their shit don’t stink.

IMG_9031 IMG_9034This is exactly how some folks decide to build cars.  They are very awkward to look at, the wheels don’t fit properly, parts are misrepresented by stickers, and body panels don’t have matching paint.  You can either point and laugh or you can feel sorry for them, they may not know any better.  Then there are the females that show up and know how to shake their ass.  This type of female isn’t there to impress anyone but won’t turn down the right type of guy.  She may have a few dents and dings on the outside but she isn’t trying to hide anything under the wrong clothes or 10lbs of make-up either.  She has the moves, she has the body, and she has the skills to grab your attention.  Her shoes are functional and her dress isn’t so tight that you can read her lips (lol).  This is exactly how I see Nico’s red Honda CRX.

IMG_9039 IMG_9011His car isn’t built with the latest trends in mind.  He just doesn’t care that much.  Nico has a car that is built with a more old-school frame of mind.  Let’s shoehorn a bigger, more powerful motor into a smaller and lighter chassis and get our dance on.  This CRX isn’t perfect on the outside but the proportions are right and it will leave you intrigued.  Once you get to know ole girl and find out what she is hiding you will be left wanting more.  What is hiding under that well fitting skirt is a 202whp K20 engine out of an Acura RSX.

IMG_9096 IMG_9075The mod list on this beauty reads quick and simple.  Of course you have the K20A2 mated to a 6-speed transmission that’s all held together by a set of Haspro motor mounts.  An AEM cold air intake gets the air in and a DC header lets the exhaust out.  A Quaife LSD controls the power delivery while a Hondata K-Pro tells the car what it can and can’t do.  The precise shifting on this CRX comes via a Hybrid Racing competition shifter attached to a set of K-Tuned shift cables.  All this is run through an Innovative Mounts hydraulic clutch conversion.  For the 100ft. I drove this car the shifting and clutch felt fantastic.  Short throws for more hoes!

IMG_9017 IMG_9019Inside you will find a Momo Prototipo steering wheel attached to a NRG quick release and hub.  All this sits in front of a beautifully mounted S2000 gauge cluster swap.  A simple Pioneer touchscreen deck plays the tunes when you aren’t listening to what lies beneath the hood.  Does the radio ever really get turned on?  I’m not sure (lol).

IMG_9073 IMG_9062The suspension consists of a set of Ground Control coilovers and Koni shocks and struts.  Just got to keep it old school.  The Sparco Terra wheels are wrapped in a set of Yokohama S-Drives and let’s face it, you will always need more grip in a car like this.  All this is covered by a Seibon carbon fiber hood and brought to a screeching halt by a set of RSX Type-S brakes.  That’s the long and the short of it.  Keep it simple, keep it light, and keep it quick.  The math does itself here.

IMG_9058 IMG_9045Nico is no stranger to cars.  He spent most of his childhood living with his family in Mexico until his Dad was offered a job at Compaq here in Houston in the late 1990’s.  His earliest memory of modded cars was an orange 1932 Ford on Mickey Thompsons on the cover of HotRod Magazine.  A good start.  He went on to own quite a few cars like Focus SVT, a 1965 Ford Mustang with a 289, and a Honda S2000 CR among a few other cars.

IMG_9065 IMG_9066Straight out of college Nico landed a job with Nascar.  I know I know…DRIVE FAST TURN LEFT (lol)!!!  He worked on Social Media analytics for quite awhile for the redneck racers before being let go.  “Once I went 3 months without a day off.  It was awesome, and I am glad I did it but I am much happier here in Houston where I can have time for family and friends,” is what he told me about his return to Texas.  Nascar has to be a cool experience to work for.  I am certain the work is grueling and you are underpaid but getting to go to each race for a couple years has to be fun.

IMG_9070 IMG_9056I want to thank Nico for coming out and bringing his CRX.  It was great to shoot and almost kill ourselves hanging off the train cars.  I ripped a hole in the crotch of my favorite damn shorts but it was worth it (lol).  Apart from my dumb sense of humor Nico is a great guy and we will be revisiting this CRX very soon for specific reasons.  🙂

IMG_9072 IMG_9041Thanks to Ashley for coming out too.  She had a casualty and got something stuck in her finger.  FFFUUUUUUUU them things suck!  🙂

-AM Gabe


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