2Fast 2Furious Technology Comes to Life…Kind Of!

Do you remember the chase scene in 2Fast 2Furious where Brian and Rome are running from the cops?  Yeah I know, there were a few scenes like that.  The cops had some goofy spiky thing that they could shoot at the cars and jack shit up to make the car quit running.  Member?

Merlin_613882Yeah that one right there.  The cops could somehow access the car’s engine and shut it down via an electromagnetic pulse or magic dildo with claws pulse or unicorn’s blood or something equally as stupid.  Well this technology has come to life…kinda.

starNow the popo/5.0/one-time has a new projectile that fires out of the grille of their cars so they can back off of high-speed pursuits and track the perp via GPS.  So the days of high speeds and 700 cop cars chasing one guy are coming to an end.  The retard that decided to run will now get a rude awakening after he thought he won the chase.  The cop will just show up where they take the car to and get him there.  I make it sound so easy…I’m certain it isn’t (lol).

So here is to the runners, if you make stupid decisions you will continue to get stupid results.  Dumbasses.

giphyAnd now for a couple of shots of Eva Mendes for those that just don’t give a shit (lol).

eva eva1 eva-mendes-2-fast-2-furious-2

My word she fine breh!  We ain’t hongry no mo!

-AM Gabe


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