Immaculate 1989 Saleen SSC Pops Up On Ebay!

Be still my beating heart.  I don’t hide the fact that I am a well known Ford Mustang fanboy.  From the top of my head to the tips of my toes I am head over heels for all things Pony.  I don’t care what anyone thinks…so please make fun of me below if you must (lol).

ssc1I was scrolling through stupid Facebook this evening and ran across a post from Chris Chang at Secret Service Auto trying to help a friend sell this thing.  It’s No. 31 of 161 Saleen SSC’s built in 1989.  Just one of the more rare Mustangs ever made…no bigs.  In the world of Fox body Mustangs that’s a pretty big deal.

ssc3Now all I need is for someone to open up their checkbook for me and allow me to bid until this beauty is sitting in my garage.  Did I mention it only has 1,019 original miles on the odometer?  Yeah, that’s important.  The current owner claims it still has that new car smell.

ssc7If you know anyone with money to burn and not a care in the world please send them my way.  This is an investment that will not make them any money back and I promise to run away with the car once it’s mine.  DUUUUUUUU MAAAAAAAAA!!!!

-AM Gabe


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