This is What Happens When You Act Like a Moron!

The roads are slick, the car is rear wheel drive, and you are leaving one of the biggest meets held in Houston.  What better to do than show off to everyone in your 200hp car that you can try to bulldoze a tree with it.

Seriously, no one gives a shit.  Why bother?  Why risk the future of such an awesome meet with this brand of stupidity?  I am all for screwing around and putting your car in danger.  It’s just not fun driving if you don’t.  However, I try not to do it in front of a couple thousand people and try to ruin such a great meet.

Do us all a favor and just stay home next time?  #forrealdoe


19 thoughts on “This is What Happens When You Act Like a Moron!”

  1. To much power for tha streets!! Driver had nice sexual intercourse with that tree and he likes it rough.


    1. You mean socializing with people who share the same passion as you is dumb and pointless? Yea, you’re totally right. That makes perfect sense.

  2. This was the douchiest artical I’ve ever read lol…. this artical makes you more douchey then the grease haired whoop who just tried to race me in his neon.. atleast that guy realized you can have fun in a car regardless of you’re wallet or hp

  3. If he would of drifting that like a boss corner ,every one would be like he awesome but don’t be a hypocrite and bash the guy ,yes he was dumb because he crash the car but it’s bad enough he fuck his car ,don’t pile more shit on to the guy …like I said he fucked his car and that is bad enough ,the people who posted this is a moron and should fuck his tail pipe

  4. I believe the point trying to be made in this article is that if you are going to drive like an immature idiot, do it in a fashion that will not endanger innocent bystanders or potentially for a widely appreciated event like C&C to be shut down. This is probably the best car meet to take place in the Houston area based off of variety and quality. This is twice in the past three events some F&F replicating d-bag has trashed his car leaving this event. The event has been cancelled and moved numerous times because of idiotic behavior like this. The event coordinators even went as far as having ‘no burn out or engine revving” signs made (which were all over the main entrance/exit as an extra preventative measure. The message is simple, if you can’t help but act like an over-compensating tool, dont come at all. A lot of others that dont have to over compensate enjoy this event for what it has to offer.

  5. Mind if a professional driver chimes in?
    I drive a rear-wheel drive vehicle in snowy conditions every winter. While it’s not as cool as the car in the photo was, I can say that my big van has enough power to get into trouble if you’re determined to be an idiot with it. Rear-wheel drive, a powerful engine and slippery conditions doesn’t have to mean bashing your vehicle though. Slow and steady wins in these conditions, accelerate, brake and steer gently and you’ll get there.
    I don’t mind showing off a little– that’s what empty parking lots are for. I know that if I apply power and steering right, I can slide through a turn in a way that no front-wheel drive can match. But– near trees? In a crowded parking lot? On public roads?? Nope, not gonna do it. Too many risks and not enough reward. Besides, that big van is my bread and butter– I’m not risking it just to play the fool.

    1. Yessir! This tool bag makes the whole car community, ESPECIALLY the fledgling KDM community look bad. Hoon, sure, but BE FUCKING CAREFUL! And don’t do what you don’t know how to do around bystanders or traffic… c’mon, son.

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