Seriously Mother Nature, Go F@#$ Yourself!

We had a great day of shooting planned out.  TX2K14 was happening and what do you decide to do?  Send us rain.  And not just a little rain, rain all fucking day.  You, my friend, are an asshole.

tx2k1These were photos taken of the grounds this morning by one of the TX2K guys.  Even if the track could have been dried out there would have been nowhere to park and set up cars for drag racing.

tx2k tx2k2Once they found this little tidbit of terrible information they cancelled the rest of the event and everyone began packing up for home.  A lot of cool things happened this weekend.  We just wished for more cool things.

tx2k3 tx2k4We will see everyone next year for TX2K15.  ❤

tx2k6 tx2k5-AM Gabe


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