Congrats Tiva Feltman, Miss HIN Houston 2014!

Everyone’s favorite and hottest import model took home the prize for Miss HIN Houston 2014 this past weekend.  I found her afterwards and she was so excited and couldn’t find her boyfriend Greg anywhere to celebrate with.  So I quickly volunteered my time to be her boyfriend so we could celebrate!  ❤

IMG_9703Tiva came dressed as Cammy from Street Fighter since Anime Matsuri was happening next door.  If anyone can pull it off…it is certainly her.  Goooood Loooord!

IMG_9665Seriously though, Tiva is just an awesome chick to hang out with.  Lots of energy and very friendly.  Choosing her for Miss HIN Houston 2014 was a no brainer for anyone that knows her.

IMG_9666When she gets all famous and junk I will be able to tell my friends that I hugged her once…and it was glorious!


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