TX2K14 Dig Night by Stance Autoworks!

DigFirst off, Faisal and the Stance crew did an amazing job of putting this dig race together over at May Airport in Cypress, TX.  The idea was great and even though it took longer to set up initially I think that the execution was great as well.  What you had was some damn fast cars out racing for a winner-takes-all jackpot somewhere close to $20,000.  That’s enough to bring out anyone and everyone.  The next time these guys throw another race like this we are certainly going.

The minor parts of the delays started with the sheer amount of people that showed up to spectate.  There were quite a few folks out helping Faisal get things organized and set up.  Security was on hand, lights were set up, lanes were good…there was just ENTIRELY too many spectators.  People were lined up outside the airport in their cars for miles and miles trying to get into a place that’s already packed.

Eventually they had to shut the gates and start turning folks away though.  The venue itself just couldn’t handle the numbers.  I don’t think the Stance crew was expecting quite as many folks to show up, but they came in droves!

At the end of the night and after I finally left there was some good drag racing.  I believe they finally finished around 530am the next morning with Blazonic going home with the cash in his big tire white Chevy Blazer.  Congrats to the winner and we can’t wait til the next dig race.  See you guys there!

-AM Gabe


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