TX2K14: The Friday Night Meet!

I want to introduce everyone to our newest photographer Isel.  She is brand new round these here parts and, just like I did, picked up a camera and started shooting.  Welcome Izzy!  You are doing great so far!  She is a functional ricer at heart, you guys will love her.

DSC_0317-3132792574-O DSC_0265-3132793987-OIn years past, the Friday night meet at TX2K has almost always meant a retard in a Mustang is going to ruin the fun for everyone.  He does a burnout, impresses absolutely no one, and gets dragged out to a cop car to the delight of 1000’s of onlookers.  Great times.

DSC_0156-3132780295-OThis year was just a great meet all around.  Idiocy and ricery-ness (yeah, I made that up, so what, you wanna fight about it?) was kept to a bare minimum so that all could enjoy the evenings festivities.  There were strippers, beer, line dancing, porn stars, and fast cars.  No wait, scratch all of that aside from the fast cars.

DSC_0013-3132772222-O DSC_0130-3132779201-OWe are looking forward to covering this for everyone again next year so please keep an eye out for all updates coming from us!


-AM Gabe


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