The Most Beautiful Taillights in Current Production!

They aren’t on what you would think either.  It’s not some rowdy and loud supercar or some ridiculously high-end land yacht.  It’s an Infiniti Q50.  A nice luxury car with tail lights of aggression and talon-fury (I don’t know what that means).

iq502These really are the best looking tail lights in current production.  Not the best ever…just current car line ups.  They just scream beauty.

iq50I love that automakers have began making headlights and tail lights works of art in the last 5-7 years.  They are taking the time to put fantastic details into seemingly boring cars.  I know the Q50 is nice, but, it’s not overall exciting either.

iq503 iq505 iq504

Bravo Nissan!  Bravo.


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