15 Questions with the Beautiful Chelsea Lee!

IMG_6512-3142533681-ONow Wayneside asked me if we would like to shoot Chelsea Lee with his car and of course I agreed.  I quickly checked out her Facebook fan page and knew she was a good looking chick.  I was holy unprepared for her to hop out of Wayne’s car with an open jacket and some sexy lingerie on underneath.  I’m sorry, what are we here for again?  Oh yeah.

IMG_9337So we got to work on her shoot and all in all it was a great time.  We all had some awkward moments, Chelsea yelled at Wayne a little bit, she kept wondering why the guys behind us were laughing, and asked if her vagina was hanging out or something.  At that point I assumed they were all friends (lol).

IMG_6339-3127549513-OWe did get some awesome pictures though.  And after all was said and done Chelsea is a great person and very fun to be around and shoot.  I had a few questions prepared for her once the shoot was done and this is what we talked about…

IMG_93721:  What got you in to modeling?

My friend Ashlin got me into modeling and I thank her greatly for showing me the ropes!

IMG_6401-3141248972-O2:  What has been your favorite gig/shoot so far?
To be honest, it was this one I’ve been waiting for and I finally got to do it! Wearing lingerie on top of a building with the view of Houston’s city skyline and a car I’ve always wanted to shoot with. I caught a cold but it was so worth it!! (We are flattered and we apologize for the cold lol)
IMG_93553:  What is your dream modeling job?
My dream modeling job is to be known internationally so I can travel the world!
IMG_6488-3141257749-O4:  Are you single?
Yes! Loving it too
IMG_94485:  What’s the worst date you have ever been on?
I’ve had several of those, but the one that stands out is the guy I went on a date with made me pay for dinner and it was expensive.
IMG_6333-3127549401-O6:  Are you a dress and heels or blue jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl?
I’m like a sun dress and sandals type of girl. Sweet and comfortable.
IMG_95057:  What is your dream car?
I need a black Mitsubishi Evo X.
IMG_6519-3142534254-O8:  Where do you see yourself as a model in 5 years?
I see myself on the cover of tuner magazines, Maxim, FHM, and clothing brands!
IMG_94879:  Is there a particular photographer or company you would like to work with?
Dsport, Import Tuner, PasMag, Primitive, Diamond Supply, etc.
IMG_6361-3127552165-O10:  What do you do in your spare time?
I like to eat, walk on the beach, watch shows about aliens, draw, eat, and sleep!
IMG_948211: How do you feel about the controversy of the size 0 debate in the industry?
A real woman has curves. Only dogs like bones! (My kind of woman!)
IMG_6528-3142534757-O12: What is your guilty pleasure food-wise?
Hot wings, sushi, steak, lobster, tiramisu, and sweet tea.
IMG_941413: If the Zombie apocalypse came and you could choose only one weapon and one celebrity to be a part of your survival what and who would you choose?
I would have a samurai sword because it is silent and I would choose Paul Walker so we could get away fast and furious!  (There is a secret ricer in this one)
IMG_6381-3127555029-O14: If you were on Death Row what would your last meal be?
Hot Buffalo Wings!!
IMG_949215: Last but not least, what color is your vibrator?
To be honest, I don’t own a vibrator!
IMG_9338I want to thank Chelsea for coming out and putting up with us for a couple of hours.  We had a great time and look forward to seeing her again here in Houston, or anywhere for that matter.
-AM Gabe

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