Drag for Diabetes 2014!

IMG_9860I learned two things when I showed up for Drag for Diabetes early on day 2 of the show.

IMG_9845 IMG_9848One- I showed up WAAAAAY the fuck to early for everyone to be there and not still be past out from the previous nights festivities.  I had to be at the Lonestar Drift event that morning as well so it was the only time I could get to drive down to Moody Gardens.  I still got some nice pictures, but, I missed most of the cars and trucks.  After talking to Kyle that morning I was made aware that the parking lot was damn near full and I wouldn’t see much.  FFFUUUUUU!!!!

IMG_9853 IMG_9816Two- I miss the creativity these guys are known for in the import community I follow the most.  It was a breath of fresh air shooting all these colorful and VERY customized rides.  It’s just not the “in” thing to have all the airbrushing, chrome, and loud graphics on the imports we usually shoot.  I still love the import crowd, I just wish they were A LOT more adventurous when it came to their cars.  Alas, trendy kids follow trendy trends.

IMG_9839 IMG_9787 IMG_9772What I did capture was a good representation of what was at Drag for Diabetes this year.  Kyle did a great job pulling this together and we are certainly looking forward to next year.  Hopefully I can make it on day one or later on day two lol.

IMG_9770 IMG_9769 IMG_9762Make sure you check out the gallery for more of my pics.  ❤


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