2JZ in a Classic Mustang…No Shit!

2jayzPlease let the Mustang fanboy in me speak for just a minute.  What the actual hell is wrong with this guy.  Who the hell puts a Toyota mill inside a classic Mustang convertible?  I want to punch this guy.  My butt hurts.  Ok, fanboy mode off.

As a car enthusiast I think this freekin rocks!  I love seeing bastard engine swaps.  That means engines from one manufacturer put into another manufacturers chassis.  This just makes the ricer in me squeal with joy.

It makes a respectable 443rwhp which is almost sacrilege for 2J fanboys.   However, that much horsepower in a classic drop top is bound to be fun and is good enough to fry a couple of tires every once in a while.  Besides, aside from the big shiny intercooler hanging out in the grille, who will know while the hood is closed?

I guess once you rev it up a bit a discerning enthusiast will know what’s going on.  The average enthusiast may never suspect the treachery at foot.  8/10, would bang, elbows not too pointy, boobs not too booby.

-AM Gabe


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