Craigslist Ad: Dis Bitch Da Truf!

Apparently, this bitch is the truth.  Or a 300hp (claimed) Honda Civic hatchback.  In the world of silly craigslist posts this one is par for the course.  You just need to place yourself in the mindset of whatever the hell this guy was on when he posted it.

trufdis bitch da truf.
muther fucka pullin like 300 Hp to da wheelz MAX the fuck out
u can smash da fuck out in 2 gear. No lie.
Turbo spoolin in dis bitch. you can feel da muther fucka when u shiftt in to 2 gear.

Dis car is in good cond. NO Problems accept the Cv axel clicks.
da reason is becuz da muther fucka so dame fast. Tearing shit up.
Interior looking so good

LS Motor build by me. yah boy! So u no its good.
and da body got like 2 dents in it. I wuz street racing and bump mailbox so dats why imma let it go 4 cheap.

But guess wut? dat paint job did by yah boy. But it still got dents tho.

and at nite, u got dem green NEON shine in dis bitch. Hell yeah.

if a mutha fucker talk shit bout da car den dont buy it. I got a lot of $$$$ so I dont even need to sell it. I got a crown Vic. But hell naw if u think u gettin that hahaha

Im jus tryin to payback dat childs support. Bitches gettin on my nervous. chasing a fool.

shoot me da email and den you can get my phone numba. Holla at yah boy! keep n it 100

truf1Keep it 100 nomtombot?

truf2-AM Gabe


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