GM Still Exists? How? What the? I Don’t Even…

gm4Recently GM recalled a few cars.  A few.  Over a million, but you know, not that many.  Even more recently GM added about 971,000 cars to that recall list.  This number has reached 4.8million cars for a recall.

gmMost or all of this is thanks to a stupid faulty switch that disables things like the engine, the steering, and the airbags.  Things that we must take for granted for some stupid reason.  You need the engine to run the power steering pump to pump hydraulic fluid so you can steer the car.  You need the engine to do just about everything.  It’s kind of a big deal with most cars.  Airbags?  I don’t really care about airbags (lol).

gm3Since GM is “too big to fail” according to the ole United States government, was it a good idea to prop them up?  Here is some money, go out and make shit cars that will eventually kill people for really dumb reasons.  I usually find a way to place the blame squarely back on the shoulders of the individual car owners, but, all you need to do is nudge this switch on the road and kaputski, no more motor.

gm2This begs the question of who the hell is running quality control at GM?  Stevie Wonder?  Helen Keller?  No.  They would do a far better job of not killing people.  These are the money hungry morons that obviously should be nowhere near a car company.

gm1Dear GM, we want our money back.  Please go crawl in a hole and quit making cars.

Sincerely, U.S. citizens.

-AM Gabe


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