GM vs. NHTSA, You Guys are Morons! 4 Steps to a Better GM!

gmWhile you sit there and bicker back and forth there are families torn apart by your “shortcomings.”  What part of “We should have never bailed you out” do you guys not understand?  How many more people have to die before GM and the NHTSA put the people first and stop with the bickering.

gm6Step 1 – Figure out what damn cars are affected first.  Don’t waste time, stop wondering about your pocketbook because money will be lost no matter what.  Once this is done and you have ensured that the fine people who bailed you morons out are safe then you can move on to step 2.

gm5Step 2 – Figure out which of the morons at each organization are to blame for this ridiculous “oversight” and throw their dumbasses in jail.  I bet some jail time would set all other car makers completely straight.

gm7Step 3 – Make sure the families of the dead are completely, 100% taken care of beyond their wildest dreams.  Your oversight will eventually cost you, remember, I said that already.

gm4Step 4 – Please stop making cars, go away, give up the goose, etc.  Just quit.  The American people bailed you out and this is the thanks you give to them.  Oversight and death.  Thanks guys, you rock.  Can we put you in the cars with faulty switches?

gm3Just something for the morons at GM and the NHTSA to mull over for a little while.  Meanwhile, switches are still faulty.  You guys are awful.


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