Worldstar Hip Hop Would be Proud…Texas Relays 2K14 Wreck!

RELAYSI don’t have the slightest damn clue what’s actually going on here.  All I know is that some dude was crying/screaming while attached to his baby mama and then ole girl jumped in the driver’s seat and ran into Captain Swangas.

Did you know that the elbows just popped off like that?  I am very much ignorant to how those wheels work (no interest) but Rotas hold up better than that.  All I wanted was for someone in the background to start yelling “WORRRLDSTAR WORRRLDSTAR!!”



3 thoughts on “Worldstar Hip Hop Would be Proud…Texas Relays 2K14 Wreck!”

  1. As counterintuitive as it sounds. The wheel they used to smash the passenger window wasn’t from the tyre. It came from the interior of the rear passenger door panel.

    While I generally despise that wheel type, and the hoodrat nature of the people who drive these kind of vehicles. I can respect that this particular vehicle has had a significant amount of time and money put into it, just the way he wanted it. For it to be damaged by some fool who can’t handle his drugs is a shame.

    This is that ‘transformers’ slab earlier, before it got damaged.

    There’s another better video showing the owner of that vehicle pullin out a strap right after it happens…

    Listen for the *clink* of him chambering a round before telling everyone to move out the way.

    The fool in the gray car is lucky the cops got there when he did.

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