Bisimoto Engineering Called Out by English Racing!

Recently, Bisimoto Engineering claimed to have put up a 230mph run at a local 1/2 mile race.  Not a full mile…a half mile, 2640ft.  I’m not one to speculate here but Bisimoto did not put up any proof whatsoever of this speed.  No time clock shots, no time slips, and no anything.

So after all the back and forth with the internet the boys from English Racing have called him out.  These guys here…

I figured you might find them familiar.  They put up quite a fight for an Integra at the roll races at TX2K14 this year.  740whp and video to back up everything they have accomplished so far.  The call out is set for the next 1/2 mile race at Shift-S3ctor and they have agreed to let Bisimoto in for free to race.

bisiBisimoto has been known for outlandish claims on other cars so it will be interesting to see if they answer the call.  Do you think Bisimoto has the balls to back this up?  It all seems very fishy to me.  I’d like to see it happen.  Something tells me that Bisimoto will simply not reply, tuck tail, and run for the hills though.

bisi1I mean who pulls 230mph with tons of audible wheel spin and letting off early in only a half-mile?  Come on Bisimoto.  Answer the call.  Show English Racing you know what’s going on and that you are for real.  Something tells me you won’t….  Scared?

The link to the call out video is here.


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