Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray Police Car…We Are Totally Boned!

c74I know I am a bit harsh on General Motors from time to time.  They are locked in a battle of idiocy at the moment.  However, in their moments of bliss they do put out some great cars.  Sometimes.

c76Take this C7 Stingray that someone made into a damn police car.  Could you imagine this as an actual police car?  I know it’s modeled after Barricade from Transformers…duhhhhh.  It’s just a fleeting thought to get to see your local boys in blue strap one of these on.  Feel like running?  Don’t.

c73460hp and 449lb.ft. of torque means that you aren’t getting away anytime soon.  Let’s face it.  The idiots that do run are usually in a Ford Focus or a minivan or some other stupid car.  WHO RUNS FROM ONE-TIME IN A DAMN MINIVAN?!  I digress.

c71I’d love to see this on our local police departments roster though.  Maybe one day, probably not really though (lol).

c72 c75


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