Houston Coffee and Cars Rules Posted, Idiots Stay Away!

cc2Is this too much to ask?  I sure hope not as it seems that the organizers and folks in the area are at their wits end with the idiots that like to ruin everything.  These aren’t hard rules to follow.  If you insist on being a moron then we lose the ability to see things like the pictures below.

cc3I know some of you think that Coffee and Cars has lost its way and forgot why they started originally.  Honestly, that’s bullshit.  You think it’s easy to coordinate a monthly meet of this size and magnitude?  With so many cars in attendance butts will have to be hurt to keep it on the up and up.  Don’t like it?  Go somewhere else.

cc1If you don’t mind the rules and you can play nice then please, by all means, come out and enjoy the show.  Without parking rules and rules in general we won’t get special guests for the meet.  There would be no Ferrari racecars or anything of the like.  Are you catching on yet?

cc4The world doesn’t revolve around you and your small minded attitudes.  Honestly, people just like to bitch about everything these days.  This show is about seeing and meeting your heroes (cars) in person.  Meeting new folks from all walks of life.  Sure, some parking may seem secluded compared to others but there is really nothing anybody can do about it.

cc5The rules have been set.  Can you keep to them?  Are you able to curb your own ignorance to have a good time and let stuff like this keep happening?  I guess Saturday shall tell the tale.



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